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Anti-Aging Skin Mask + Day Night Cream for Dry Skin

DAY & NIGHT CREAM FOR MATURE SKIN - A deep conditioner, this cream contains a cocktail of ingredients, which protect skin from the appearance of expression wrinkles. It creates a barrier effect to hold in moisture and contributes to cell rejuvenation. To be used both morning and night. This treatment concentrates all of the ingredients validated by science that slow down the effects of aging. Gentle, nourishing moisturizing cream. Cools and soothes razor burnt skin. Apply day and night on clean skin.

ANTI-AGING MASK - Mask for in-depth care of the skin. This treatment provides you with softness and elasticity. Your skin looks radiant and expression lines diminish significantly. A deep pore cleansing mask that helps revitalize skin with natural oils while regenerating and mineralizing skin cells. Your face is left moisturized and conditioned. Helps to reduce the formation of free radicals. It does an excellent job of repairing the elastic fibers of the skin. Use once or twice a week at night. Apply a thin layer on the skin. Let it set 10 minutes and rinse. Finish cleansing system with the Gentle Cleansing Lotion and apply the Anti-Aging Night Cream. It is recommended to apply a mask after an exfoliating treatment (Gentle Exfoliating Scrub).

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