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Skin Blemish Removing Clarifying Serum + Skin Blemish Removing Clarifying Cream - Set

CLARIFYING SERUM - The Arbutin-based Serum possesses brightening properties to help bring a healthy glow to the skin. You'll notice diminishing spots and improved pigmentation. Skin is left elastic and soft again. It acts in synergy with the Clarifying Cream. Reduces skin blemishes. Used as an intensive clarifying treatment for three weeks. Apply in the morning and at night before the Clarifying Cream on perfectly clean skin. Later, apply once a day.

CLARIFYING CREAM - The Clarifying Cream effectively and safely repairs skin imperfections. This arbutin-based cream has real lightening properties, especially suited to skin pigmentation problems. This cream can safely and effectively reduce skin blemishes, pimples, acne, stings, red patches due to pregnancy, stretch marks, scars, sun spots and age spots. Skin will become smoother and more elastic. Use as an intensive treatment at least for three weeks. Apply in the morning and at night after using the Clarifying Serum on clean skin.

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