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Skin-friendly Anti Aging Marine Body Peel

AquaVie is here to change your perspective on skincare. It's a regimen, not something that happens overnight.

Beautiful skin doesn't magically happen. It takes powerful products and some work.Cleansing, moisturizing and taking care of your skin should be a daily routine, followed morning and night, not a cream you pay top dollar for and use a few times. AquaVie brings you a simple skincare system that's packed with the highest quality ingredients, made from years and years of studying the science behind skincare, all at an affordable price. What's best is you get more with AquaVie - more concentration of our active ingredients and more product for your money.

What makes AquaVie the best skincare line? We use the highest levels on concentrations of our active ingredients.

Active Ingredients:

Apricot powder
This is a "skin-friendly" natural exfoliant (face scrub), when finely and evenly ground as we do, and acts as a mild abrasive, gently exfoliating the skin without any scraping or damage.

Wheat germ Oil
Wheat germ oil contains an exceptionally high level of essential fatty acids that help with cell metabolism, as well as beta carotene and E vitamin. It is one of the most efficient natural antioxidants.

Algaes extracts
Algae has many benefits to use including hydration of the skin, stimulation the cell regeneration and soothing of the skin. Algae is anti-oxidizing and antiseptic, helping in lymphatic draining and toxin elimination. Contains over 400 oligo elements that our cells both need and crave.

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